Help to prepare for change and make stuff happen!

3 - 6 hours
$25 - $33 / hour
Disabled Person / Family
Email with your CV to apply.
  • Are you a patient, friendly and honest person who keeps things real?
  • Do you like to make a plan and navigate roadblocks?
  • Could you help a neurodivergent woman achieve her next steps?

An intelligent, intuitive 27-year-old woman is looking for some help to get moving on her goals. She loves her 2 beautiful cats, is committed to keeping toxins out of her diet, is interested in the paranormal, and can always sense the vibes of the people around her.

Her neurodivergence means that it can be really challenging to keep momentum up. She wants to move out of home and build her independence skills (like budgeting and cooking), and she needs someone in her corner to help make these things happen. Someone who can provide unconditional support on her bad days and offer encouragement and inspiration on the good days, is going to make a genuine impact in her world.

We are looking for a compassionate, patient, understanding and openminded person. Someone who is honest and has a good understanding of Autism (lived experience would be amazing) and/or Dyscalculia, and/or Dyspraxia and/or ADHD. You need to know how to get the best out of people, how to set goals and then find creative ways to bring those goals to life.

We need someone in Parnell about 3 – 6 hours per week, ideally in the mornings or early afternoons, but we can be pretty flexible for the right person.

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Published on:
June 12, 2024
Email with your CV to apply.