Being the change we want to see in the world

Flying Kites exists to lead the change we want to see in the disability sector. We believe everyone who needs it should be able to access disability support services that are as unique as the person they are designed for. People don’t fit in boxes, so neither should our support services.

Flying Kites is a new organisation that has been established in response to what is currently available. We are here to reimagine what disability support could look like for you, your friends and your whānau.

Reimagining Disability Supports

We passionately believe that you need support that is tailored to your needs, and that anything less is a compromise that has strong ripples throughout your world.

We want to help you find support workers who connect with you and are motivated to do the work you want them to do. For some people a traditional support worker is the right fit. But for most people, they want a “Baking Buddy”, a “Pokémon Playing Partner” or a “Karaoke Singing Supporter”. We believe the magic happens when you bring people to work alongside you who share your interests, values and lifestyle.

When it comes to big life transitions (such as moving out of home, getting married or leaving a residential service) we believe that planning makes an enormous difference. We have seen the immense positive impacts that come from trusting in someone's potential, finding creative solutions and then leaping into the future together. We want this approach to be a reality for every person with a disability. We can help you plan this future, and make it a reality. We want to see you thrive when you take that leap, so we will walk alongside you to make it happen.

How We Help

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Meet our team

Ainsley Darvell
Founder & CEO

Ainsley is the heart, brains and life force behind Flying Kites. After almost 20 years working in the disability sector, she has seen the best and the worst of what the current system has to offer. Ainsley passionately believes that each and every person deserves to live a life filled with joy, challenge and connection. Through Flying Kites, her aim is to reimagine what disability supports can look like – particularly for those who are struggling to find their place within current systems.

Macushla Howell
Board Member

Macushla has over 15 years of experience in Customer Research and Insights, holding leadership roles in the Data and Analytics space. She brings a broad range of skills and expertise to Flying Kites with a particular focus on data governance and privacy, and the delivery and measurement of good customer outcomes. She is thrilled to be involved in creating meaningful change for people engaging with the disability sector.

Liz Harte
Board Member

Elizabeth (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou) is a founder of her own social enterprise and a movement for social change for Māori whānau, and when the opportunity arose to support Flying Kites to bring change to the disability sector, she readily agreed. She brings years of expertise in strategic planning and user experience design to the Board and is helping to steer the work of Flying Kites to be impactful and successful. Elizabeth's other mahi is as māmā to three tamariki, who she treasures and adores.

Board Member

Currently an Associate Director in the Student Services function at The University of Auckland, Justin spent the first 7 years of his career in the disability sector, working to bring about positive change for people and their families. With a good understanding of the challenges the sector faces and the opportunities to do better, he’s enthusiastic about lending his skills, knowledge, and experience to contribute to what Flying Kites aims to achieve.