How We Help

At Flying Kites we believe in designing disability support services specifically for each individual we work with. We focus on two key areas where our input can have a real and immediate impact.

Our two key service streams are:

Personalised Recruitment Support

We work with individuals and families to help identify what you are looking for in your support staff. This might include considering the hobbies, skills or connections you want to build in your life and the personality traits and attributes of a support worker that will match you best. We then tailor a recruitment plan that helps you find those people. We can even walk alongside you as you advertise, interview and appoint your new staff member.

Disability Support Design

We work with you to identify key goals and aspirations and then, together, we will develop a plan to bring those aspirations to life. Often this is around a key transition in your life, such as leaving school, going flatting, getting a job, or getting married. We help you work out all of the puzzle pieces and how to put them together to reach your goal in a way that is both fulfilling and sustainable. We always welcome a conversation about how we might be able to help you and your family. Talk to us about how a purpose-built support plan could be the change you’re looking for.


Why now? Because life is now

Life is for living, and it’s happening right now. Your life.