Designing Disability Supports, Differently.

People don’t fit in boxes, so neither should our support services. Flying Kites is here to reimagine what disability support could look like for you, your friends and your whānau.

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Soaring Beyond School

Comprehensive Support for Disabled School Leavers

Introducing the Flying Kites Advisory Team

Earlier this year we realised along-held ambition for Flying Kites - to establish an Advisory Team that will support us in developing programmes and services that truly serve the disabled community.

Making Sense of the System

More and more, we are meeting people who have never had the basics of the disability sector explained to them. In response, we designed an online event series to help people navigate the New Zealand disability system; in particular, those with Individualised Funding.

Why Our Unique Approach to Recruitment Pays Off

Choosing the right person to help you with your support is a deeply personal thing. It’s a bit like choosing a best friend, except it’s so much more than that.